Hi There, Nerdling! Nice To Meet You!

HELLO!! If you're looking at this page for the first time, WELCOME, and you are a total darling for checking out my humble corner of the Internet. (If this is not your first time here, and you still can't find what you're looking for, please, TELL/ASK ME!! I am at your service!)

I'm Ranu (pronounced Ruh-nu). I'm from this tiny little island in the Indian Ocean called Sri Lanka, and, in case you missed it, I love to read. I'm also EXTREMELY fond of CAPITALS. If you wanna talk to me, be prepared for an avalanche of capital letters, particularly when I'm feeling unusually hyper and/or excited.

I'm also really bad at writing bios, which is why I'm here flailing around and totally failing at being professional. Oh, another thing to remember. I am very bad at being professional. If you're like me - a book crazy teenager who loves to chat and make new blog buddies - we could probably be BEST FRIENDS. (I'd totally love to be best friends, btw).

I read a lot, write a little (I'm one of those on-and-off writers. Don't judge!), watch endless episodes of Doctor Who (WHOVIANS UNITE!!), debate quite fairly, and I'm a shameless fan of Marie Lu, Sarah J Maas (TEAM CHAOL!!), Veronica Rossi, Marie Rutkoski, Victoria Aveyard, Jandy Nelson and Rick Riordan.

I might've mentioned that I LOVE making new friends, so you can always, ALWAYS talk to me (comment, email, tweet, whatever floats your boat) and do NOT be shy to start chatting. I'm interested in whatever you might want to say (no, seriously. As long as it's about books or blogging, my attention is guaranteed.)

Also, Twitter is an amazing social media platform, and if you aren't on it already, GO MAKE AN ACCOUNT SO WE CAN CHAT! My username is @araliyabooks, so feel free to contact me there!

PS - Autocorrect is THE. ENEMY.

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